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Sat, Jul. 9th, 2005, 10:34 pm

i'm destroying this thing. i might just let it lie dormant for a while before actually bringing down the axe. but yeah. i should have never had one of these in the first place. it's not me. i won't miss it. aaaaaaaand that's that.


Mon, Jul. 4th, 2005, 09:28 pm
re: hipsters cheering on the roofs of my neighborhood while watching the festivities

people like fireworks cuz it's thrilling. like being in war. but without all that messy kill or be killed stuff.

i hate them (hispters and fireworks).

a lot.


Mon, Jul. 4th, 2005, 08:59 pm

fred hampton died when he was 21. i did not know that. ha i knew there were 99 shots, and that there were walking tours through his shot up house, but i didn't know how old he was when he was fucking assasinated. i guess it's easy to forget how little age matters in comparison to individual potential. so. that's what i learned from my bike trip to the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Afropunk film festival. that, and the fact that it's pointless to ask people for directions in brooklyn. because no one walks there. cuz it's huge. oh and the manhattan bridge is wak.

oh and drunken japanese trend-punks in st. marks restaurants are a good time.


Wed, Jun. 29th, 2005, 08:40 pm
feliz cumpleano, madre!

still raining. my leg is alost recovered from last friday's critmass epicness. both plan-it-x fests were a great time. meeting new people, seeing NY peeps for the first time in a while, and seeing philly peeps too. not to mention my first lehigh valley show and other layers of fun. time is just going by and i have so many people to still make time for. and a shitload of movies to see. and lots of skating and biking to do. and a potential makeout party on the brooklyn bridge (eva and i can dream, can;t we?) and i'm still waiting on that summer fling.


Wed, Jun. 22nd, 2005, 10:05 pm

this weekend will be epic. i want to meet someone new. that hasn't happened in a deep way for a while. and oh man i need to stop buying books. especially ones about street art/ graf. but what the hell, i'm making money, i might as well spend some. the other day i stood in the middle of a chinatown street with my bike in between changing traffic signals to take a pic of a truck with graf of the movie (which i didn't get to see) Bomb the System on its side. i saw it once a few weeks ago in chinatown, and was pretty surprised to see it again. i'm thinking of submitting some of my photos to a gallery. there's an open call....hmmm....advice, anyone?


Thu, Jun. 16th, 2005, 09:17 pm
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

i just got a call from the guy from my dream internship (FINALLY!). holy shit. i'm gonna be helping out with a literature/ expression/ art class at a middle school. i can develop a program and teach it to the kids, if i so choose. after some research, which is perfectly fine with me. and.......HOLY SHIT THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. and i got one phone call and all of a sudden i have yet another amazing thing to get me through the week. working with amazing hip hop/ spoken word peeps, plus utilizing what i have to contribute to share with amazing harlem middle schoolers....HEAVEN. FUCKING HEAVEN. i hope. on monday me and the head dude of the organization are meeting to touch base and exchange ideas. i. am. ecstatic.


p.s. everyone keeps telling me i;m going to die. that i should wear a helmet. it's starting to get to me. they act like i'm so stupid not to. shit man. i dunno. if i die that would suck....a lot. it's really bothering me. mostly cuz i know i won't end up wearing a helmet. and i don;t see why people who make bad decisions all the time--like smoking or drinking or driving without a seatbelt or j-walking, ha--have the right to tell me what i should do to feel safe. so i took the train from columbus circle to union square, pissd off that i did not in fact ride my bike to work cuz i thought it was gonna rain, and walked from union square to my apartment instaed of trainferring to the L (sorry for all the NY speak, but it's not vital) and i wandered homeward earphoneless, and got caught in a thumderstorm. which was perfect. i had an umbrella so i wasn;t soaked, but i don;t think i would have minded. people just stared at me cuz i was laughing and grining most of the way home. i couldn;t help it. it's just humbling to know that even a place like NYC can be effected by something as simple as water falling from the sky.

and i;ve been thinking about the future lately. how awful.


Tue, Jun. 14th, 2005, 10:49 pm
dear random guiltless summer fling,


tis all.


Sun, Jun. 12th, 2005, 08:31 pm

there's been a lot of talk this week. between my mom and i. which is a good thing. not that we don't talk every day. it's just nice to spend the better part of a weekend with someone and relate to them on a lot of different levels. Raf is back and yet another part of this New York summer has fallen into place. My feet hurt from walking so much, which is so strange. I have to get used to that again--that being the fact that when back home i have many non biking friends who don't mind wandering a few miles. This heatwave is kind of nuts, but remembering this past winter--shit. i really don't mind as much as i could. it's gonna be so great to have a place that i can call home next year to hide out in when it's cold (plus ther's awsome roof/ basement access!!! YAY!!!). Last night i talked to Eva on the phone for a long time:). agh and she just signed on! must converse.


Mon, Jun. 6th, 2005, 10:46 pm

it's hot. i am haltering t-shirts. and dreaming about memories.
today i almost got hit by 3 cabs. on saturday i hit a woman on the williamsburg bridge. all of those incidents were completely not my fault. and i'm not just saying that, i am an extremely cautious biker. this city wants to kill me. fuck times square and rush hour awfulness. and women who wear earphones on bridges and don't hear me yelling to move out of the way from 25 feet away until i hit them cuz they step into my path. and cause my left pedal to gash into my knee with their ass of steel. and don't hear me asking them if they're okay cuz they already put their earphones back in.

but i do like sunday evening solo bike rides to the hudson to listen to de la soul and manu chao and draw. in fact, that kinda shit makes my week.


Sat, Jun. 4th, 2005, 02:19 am

i'm still awake. how bizarre.
tonight i talked with my better half. aka Eva. here is an excerpt.

shrimpcrime: shit if you can't come to nyc this summer i will have to alter myself somehow in mourning
shrimpcrime: I"LL CUT OFF MY HAIR
shrimpcrime: HOW ABOUT THAT
babyimnanarchyst: no!!!!
shrimpcrime: THEN COME!
shrimpcrime: haha i'm awful, so sorry
shrimpcrime: (come! *holds up scissors*)
babyimnanarchyst: omg
shrimpcrime: i mean....
shrimpcrime: *HUGGG*

i did NOT mean hug. my hair is gone for good if she doesn't get her ass over here so i can give her a mohawk and go on skating adventures by the Hudson. damn. best friends shouldn;t be timezones away.


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